Mito GMK Laser Inspired Theme: Laser Cookies!

Three variants will be offered, matching round 2 of GMK Laser, including 5 aviator color options.

Laser Cookies (Mito GMK Laser Inspired)

  • Sale Date: July 20th @ 12PM PST
    End Date: July 31st
    We will work on and ship cables immediately in batches. All cables should be shipped no later than two weeks after group buy ends. Come back here for future updates!

    Available Cable Options: Original Laser, Synthwave, Turbo (Synthwave addon)
    Available Aviator Variants: Standard (Nickel), Purple, Hot Pink, Black, Teal

    Due to the labor-intensive nature of multi-color sleeving, the "Turbo" option will be limited. Other two options are available up until we feel that it will exceed our expected shipping times.
  • Specs:
    - USB-A host
    - 7in coil (6in for Turbo) 
    - 5ft cable
    - USB 2.0, 28awg, RoHS

     NOTE: Cables have been tested to function with the Drop ALT (power-hungry board). 
  • Limit reached for Turbo!