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USB Connector Options


The host connector is the USB-A end that connects to your computer or laptop, available in standard and gold (aesthetic) option. The device connector goes into the keyboard! The most common device connector is USB Type-C but mini and micro USB options are available as well.

Cable Lengths


The host cable length goes from the host connector all the way to the beginning of the detachable/aviator, measured in feet. The coil length is the length of the coiled portion of the cable, measured in inches. It does not include the termination lengths, which are the ends of the coil leading to the device connector and detachable connector. These are typically 2 inches long.

 Cable Colors

The cable color is a combination of two cable sleeves. The paracord color is the first layer, which is made of a combination of nylon and polyester. There is a huuuuuge collection of paracord colors! You can check out the ones we have available in our color chart.

The techflex color is the second or external layer, made of PET material. By sitting on top of the paracord, it adds an extra layer of awesome color goodness. Color options are also viewable in the color chat.

Come check out our mockup samples to see different paracord/techflex combos!

Detachable Connector

The detachable connector is probably the most significant piece that makes a custom keyboard cable stand out. That being said, it is mostly an aesthetic add-on placed between your coil and host cable. It can also allow for a quick-disconnect point if you choose to switch between different cable ends or keyboards. If you do choose to do this, make sure to purchase the same connector type for compatibility.

Currently available inline connector types:

GX12 Aviator: A 5-pin compact screw-in connector. Multiple color options available.

    GX16 Aviator: Larger variant of the GX12. Multiple color options available.

    Note: There are different GX16 form factors. They are compatible but not be as flush of a fit when mixed together. Keep this in mind when buying multiple GX16 cables. 

      YC8: A 5-pin connector that is functionally more effective in detaching the cable with its push-pull mechanism. It's also slimmer, providing a nice minimalistic aesthetic.

        Be careful with connecting our Cookie Cables with cables from other cable makers! Their pinout might be different, leading to malfunctioning or even damaging devices when mixed.

        For reference, our pinout is VCC/D-/D+/GND/drain (if you do not understand this, please do not try to mix the cable with cables you bought elsewhere).

        More and more colors and connector types will be added over time!

        Heatshrink and Accents

        Heatshrink tubing is added to both device and host USB connector ends for durability while serving as an accent option for your cables. For GX16 aviators, heatshrink is added on the ends of the aviator to fill the hole gaps. 


        If you need more help, please feel free to contact us!