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Extras available while supplies last!

Extras Ship Date
Round 1 extras will begin shipping end of April 2021 barring delays.
Round 2 extras will begin shipping end of May 2021 barring delays.

TRRS Extras available here.

Original Description

In collaboration with mintlodica and The Key Company, we are happy to offer cables for the Classic and Dark Magic Girl keycap sets!*

*Keycap sets are listed at The Key Company.

Color Options
Magic Girl: Two colorways in pink and mint magic girl.
Dark Magic Girl: Two colorways in dark and "mystic" magic girl. 

USB 2.0 Cable: Coiled with detachable GX12 Aviator (6 inch coil and 5ft cable). USB-A host end + three device end options (USB micro, mini, type c)

Magic & Dark Magic Girl Cables (USB EXTRAS R2)