a tin filled with cable goodness!

Please make sure to read our terms before purchasing!

In collaboration with the amazing minicap, we are happy to bring you the official cables for the awesome KAM Sewing Tin keycap set!

Available November 9th @ 10AM PST to December 9th

Ships February 2022 barring delays.

Color Options

Butter Yellow - (Yellow Cable w/ Blue Aviator and White Thread)
Tin Blue - (Blue Cable w/ White Aviator and Yellow Thread)

Cable Specs
: 6in Coil, 5ft Cable, USB 2.0 Cable, USB-A Host

Other Cable Options

Need TRRS for your ergo split? Get them here

Have questions? Please contact us or reach out to us on discord!


Where To Join the Keycap Group Buy

The KAM Sewing Tin Group Buy will be available from these vendors:

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(USB) Sewing Tin Cables