Color Chart

Techflex Colors

Techflex (Flexo PET) is an exterior cable sleeve that sits above paracord for an extra depth of color creativity. It also allow coils to be rigid and robust!
black techflex Gray techflex white techflex
Black Gray White
Clear Blue Royal Blue
Teal Blue Aqua Purple
Dark Purple Red Superhero
Neon Pink Neon Yellow

Neon Blue

Paracord Colors

Paracords are used for a cable's base sleeving. Having a wide selections of colors and patterns, this is where you can seriously let your creativity loose! (Sorted by primary colors)
Black Charcoal Gray Silver Gray
Platinum Mindbender (Gray/Silver) White
New Blue Baby Blue Tweedish Light Blue Carolina Blue
Teal Neon Turquoise Teal Light / Sea Foam Caribbean Blue
Colonial Blue Ultra Marine Blue Midnight Blue Diamond Black/Turquoise
Purple Lilac Light Lavender Neon Acid Purple
FF Electric Blue/Neon Pink
Red Rubine Imperial Red Burgundy
Fuchsia Dark Maroon
Pink Rose Pink Pink Lavender Neon Pink
Orange Peach Neon Peach Burnt Orange
Yellow Banana Yellow Yellow Gold Neon Yellow
Neon Green Fluorescent Green Olive Drab Diamond Black/Yellow
Dark Hunter Green Emerald Green Moss
Cream Tan Coyote Walnut

Heat Shrink Tubing

Used mainly to secure USB and larger detachable connectors (GX16), heat shrink tubing can also provide accent colors to complement multi-colored keysets.

Black White Gray Clear
Blue Lighter Blue Red Yellow
Green Orange Purple Brown

Aviators and Detachables

Quick disconnect connectors use to add an extra flair to your cables (and of course it disconnects!).

Black (GX12) Semigloss Black (GX12) Gun Gray (GX12) White (GX12)
Nickel (GX12) Metallic Blue (GX12) Gumball Blue (GX12) Matte White (GX12)
Brass Gold Power Blue (GX12) Teal (GX12) Tropical Green (GX12)
Rose Gold (GX12) Purple (GX12) Light Purple (GX12) Light Orange (GX12)
Rose Pink (GX12) Yellow (GX12) Lemon Yellow (GX12) Light Yellow (GX12)
Hot Pink (GX12)
Black (GX16) Gun Gray (GX16) Nickel (GX16) Rose Gold (GX16)
Purple (GX16) Mustard Yellow (GX16) Teal (GX16) Red (GX16)
Rose Pink (GX16)